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Blue Laurel's Smart Dubai Expo 2020 Package

Expo Dubai, the world’s largest event will take place both online and in-person between October 2021 and April 2022. With so many events taking place in parallel and amid constant changes due to Covid-19 restrictions, one can easily get a bit lost and miss on promising business opportunities.


Our expertise at Blue Laurel Advisors is in helping you to read the constantly changing business landscape in the Arab Gulf and leverage it to create long-term and sustainable business opportunities.

We now offer you an exclusive Dubai Expo 2021 service package to help you get the most out of this once in a lifetime event

What We offer:

  1. Short sector review including identification of potential business partners

  2. Mapping of relevant Expo events and conferences that are relevant for your company

  3. Review of your marketing materials to make sure they align with accepted business conduct in UAE and the Arab Gulf

  4. Support in the coordination of up to 3 business meetings and preparation for those meetings

OR: comprehensive support in preparation for one business event

   5. A 1-hour in-person preparation session for your company’s executives with one         of Blue Laurel’s senior leadership

   6. Support in immediate follow-up actions (initial design of follow-up, drafting   

       follow-up letters, prepare for first follow up meeting, etc.)

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