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Stepping into the second full year of direct economic relations between Israel and the UAE, the practical channels, challenges and opportunities for trading with Dubai and establishing a regional logistics presence in the UAE are now in full focus.


Come join this content-filled session to learn how Dubai serves as a global logistics hub and can become your logistics destination for the UAE and the region as a whole! We will be joined by the leadership of the leading logistics companies and stakeholders in the logistics sector to hear about their offerings, their innovative visions, technology-based approach that can help ease the access of Israeli companies to the UAE and the broader Middle East region.

Opening Remarks
Ms. Tally Zingher Managing Director, Blue-laurel Advisors.
Mr. Ibrahim Ahli, Director of Investment Promotion Division, Dubai FDI.
The Dubai Logistic advantage
Mr. Walid Marhoon, Senior Manager, Dubai FDI Agency.

Emirates Sky Cargo- Innovation and technology
Shipping Alternatives- Air/ Land/ Sea
DP World/ JAFZA- Mr. Faisal Jassim, Senior Manager – Sales
UPS -Mr. Andrew Sleiman, District Manager
ARAMEX- Johannes Distler, Chief Strategy Officer
Innovation and Regional Logistics Discussion
REEF- Mr. Ramez Shehadi, President International & Chief Growth Officer
Covington - Mr. Tarek M. Khanachet,  
Q&A- Open to the audience

The Webinar is Held in Partnership With:

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