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The Dubai Expo 2020 represents an opportunity for visitors from and businesses worldwide to explore new frontiers, create connections and build a better future. 

While the Dubai Expo is stretching on a period of 6 months (October 1st , 2021- March 31, 2022), the webinar aims to provide you and your company with a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the 2020 Dubai Expo. Learn how to navigate the proper networking channels, integrate and leverage your company, build your trip to the last detail and, and most importantly, find out what this incredible event has to offer you!

Opening Remarks
Ms. Tally Zingher Managing Director, Blue-laurel Advisors.

Mr. Aviad Tamir, Head of Israel's Economic and Trade Mission to the UAE, Ministry of Economy, Israel.
Mr. Ibrahim Ahli, Director of Investment Promotion Division, Dubai FDI.
The Dubai advantage
Mr. Walid Marhoon, Senior Manager, Dubai FDI Agency.

Business Opportunities and Where to Find Them
Mr. Hamad Hisham AlShirawi, Senior Manager, Dubai Expo Business Program Manager.

Ms. Anna Drozdova, Manager of Expo Business Program
Around the Expo- Leisure & Logistics
Ms. Sumathi Ramanathan, Vice-President – Market Strategy & Sales, Dubai Expo.
Israeli Pavilion and Opportunity 
Ms. Dalit Yardeni, Expo Economic Coordinator, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Right Way to do it- FLAI Strategy to Dubai Expo
Ms. Shiri Steindhart Sela, Head of International Affairs, Federation Of Local Authorities In Israel.

Q&A- open to the audience

The Webinar is Held in Partnership With:

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